DSW ID Card Qualifications

(Minimum Qualifications for Deployment)

Effective Date: To Be Determined

 Typical Duties:
  • Because a MAC may be deployed to different cities or to the county radio room during exercises, public service events or real emergency incidents, no two assignments are exactly alike.
 Required Training:
 Continued Eligibility:
  • Continued MAC qualification
  • Participate in at least two weekly (Monday night) nets per month
  • Complete one Deployment Safety and one Disaster Preparation Article per month
  • Participation in at least two monthly meetings/trainings per quarter (average over the calendar year)
  • Participate in at least two county activations within each two-year period. (Note that this is an average of just one activation per year, but provides more flexibility in the case of travel or other scheduling limitations.) The activations may include: MAC drills, public service events, real emergency incidents, or other activations as approved by the Emergency Coordinator/Assistant Emergency Coordinator.


  • Participate in at least one county activation and at least one county “End of Year Summary” class within each two year period. (Note that this option will still ensure the minimum level of currency with county standards and procedures, but is more difficult to schedule since there is only one “End of Year Summary” class each year.)