We are looking for some Hams to help with communications on Saturday, May 6 for the PolkaDots 49er Family enduro. This is a timed off road motorcycle event held in the Eldorado National Forest between Placerville on Highway 50 and highway 88. There is a 50 mile course laid out in the forest where riders made up of dads, moms and kids, use their skills to reach each of the 10 checkpoints at specific times. Sometime they have to ride fast and sometimes they have to ride slow so they don’t arrive early. It is kind of like a road rally, but in the dirt.  

If you can help out sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, phone number.  Your contact information will be provided to the PolkaDots MC who is corridnating the event.

Radio operators will be located at some of the checkpoints to provide race statistics and communications in case of emergency. We are planning to use a local repeater but if possible, a mobile unit or a handheld with a car antenna is preferred. If all you have is a handheld with a regular antenna, we can find a spot for you. Good opportunity to try cross banding. We will have a net control operator so we will operated with a controlled net.

We also have the Eldorado Search and Rescue (SAR) team providing medical care if needed. The SAR folks are also hams, but their main focus is addressing rider injuries so they may get busy. We will work with the SAR team about using their repeater so we have consistent communications.

We would like the operators at the staging area no later than 6:30 am on Saturday wo we can connect them with the check point teams for the trip out to the check. We should be finished earlier. Should be done no later than 2 pm, earlier at some of the check points. Roads to the checkpoints are in pretty good shape for this event, mostly dirt fire roads so I would not bring a car, but SUV is fine. The road to the staging area is paved except for the last 100 feet. If you have a quad or dirt bike, these trails are really nice to ride on. There are not bathroom facilities except at the staging area so be prepared. Also you may want to bring a chair, a snack and drink. If it is raining, we will not run the event, but conditions could be a bit cool in the morning probably nice in the afternoon. We are at about 4,500 feet.

Please take a look at your schedules and see if you can come out to the forest on May 6. If you know other hams, see if they want to spend a day in the forest. More information to follow, with GPS coordinates of the staging area. Let me know if you have any questions.

Below is a link to info about the riding area. You can google “gold Note OHV” to find more information.


Staging area is here where the parking signs are.