Greeting's Sacramento County ARES

Today marks a transition in leadership for us, we welcome Jay Ballinger, N6SAC, as our new Emergency Coordinator.  We want to thank Vince, KI6NHP, for all of his hard work and dedication he has put in with helping us get to where we are today.  A quick message and video from Jay.


My name is Jay Ballinger, and I am the new Emergency Coordinator for Sacramento County ARES. 
Like all volunteer organizations, we rely on our members to fill their roles as best they can as for as long as they can. And then, when the time is right, pass the baton on to the next volunteer.
For Vince, KI6NHP, that time has come. We will certainly find the right time and place to thank Vince, and all of the volunteers, who have advanced Sacramento County ARES to where we are today. 
I am excited for the team and what the future brings.
To help you associate a face with a callsign, here is a video as an introduction:
Jay Ballinger - N6SAC 
Emergency Coordinator
Sacramento County ARES