Digital Communicator I

Effective Date: April 29, 2018

Typical Duties:

Because a Digital Communicator I may be deployed to widely different locations or to a county radio room duirng exercieses, public service events or real emergency incidents, no two assignments are exactly alike. 

Assignments may include:

  • EOC
  • Command posts
  • Damage surveys
  • shelters
  • et cetera
Required Training:
Required Proficiency:
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate via fldigi, including sending and receiving simple text messages, receiving, editing and sending ICS forms using flmsg and Red Cross forms using RC templates and flmsg. 
  • Must also be able to receive/edit/send “wrapped” (using flwrap) files from a word processor and a spreadsheet. 
  • Must be capable of doing this under FIELD conditions.
Continued Eligibility:
  • Participate in Monday night nets at leaset twice a month*
  • Attend at least six (6) ARES meetings in a given year
  • Participate in atleast one activation within each one year period.  Activations may include: MAC exercises, public service events, ARES exercises, real emergency incidents, or other activations as approved by the Emergency Coordinator.

*For those with work commitments that prevent a person from participating regularly on Monday nights, this requirement may be waived by the EC on an individual basis.