Emergency Activation Codes


Code  Description 

Normal everyday operations. No emergency or precipitating condition


A potential for a communication emergency exists. Members should monitor
their local ARES net frequencies and email for information on preparing for
deployment, and possible activation notices.


An unusual condition or emergency exists that has caused government
officials to declare a warning. A communications emergency does not yet
exist. Sacramento ARES will initiate a resource net. All members should
monitor the net frequency. Members should make all preparations for
possible activation. Members who are available for deployment will check
into the resource net and state their availability and resources. When
feasible, the resource net control will communicate and accept check-ins via
email (such as for those at work) as well as on the radio.


A communication emergency exists, and volunteer operators and radio
resources have been requested by one or more served agencies in
Sacramento County OR a mutual aid request has been received from
another county. If a resource net has not already been activated (see code
2, above), one will be activated now. Once available resources have been
determined, further instructions will be given on the resource net frequency;
one or more other nets may be activated to give instructions for deployment
and for field operations.

Remember: NEVER self-deploy! Always wait until you receive specific
instructions before deploying into the field.