On 10/31/15, members of Sacramento County ARES met to build some dual-band (2 meter / 440) trap J-Pole antennas out of twin lead based on WB6IQN's “DBJ-2” antenna design.

Participants included:
Don Hayes (N6DPH)
Kenneth Martin (KE6RMN)
Frank Reshke (N6SNO)
Noel Seeley (KJ6WOK)
Bonnie Sellstrom (KC6PSZ)
Bill Shaffer (N6SGT)
Tim Thorson (KD6HOF)
Mike Abernathy (NM3S)

Fred Sellstrom (W7KOZ) was also present, helped greatly and was kind enough to allow us the use of his shop as well as donating some materials and the use of his equipment.  Thanks, Fred!

Below are some pictures from the event


From left to right, Noel  (KJ6WOK), Mike (NM3S), Section EC Frank (N6SNO) and Sacramento EC Bill (N6SGT).


From left to right Noel (NJ6WOK), Frank (W6SNO), and Tim (KD6HOF)