Everbridge Signup Procedure

Yolo County, Sacramento County, and Placer County are using the Everbridge Alert System.

It is important that each ARES member properly signup up for the Everbridge Alert system.

The Everbridge Alert system for Sacramento, Yolo, & Placer Counties have implemented a state-of-the-art emergency notification system to alert residents about emergencies and other important community news. The emergency notification system enables officials to provide essential information quickly when there is a threat to the health and safety of residents.

For ARES members, the alert system will enable ARES emergency coordinators to notify their members of call outs, meetings, and other important information.  To complete the sign-up process follow the two steps below.

Step 1: Go to Everbridge sign-up page and create a new account, if you have already created an account you do not need to create another one.

Step 2: Complete for form below and you will be moved to the approiate ARES group within Everbridge.