Net Control Operator - Deployable

Effective Date: April 29, 2018

Typical Duties:
  • Weekly Net (Monday night) Net Control
  • Resource Net Operator
  • Commnad Net Operator
  • Public Service Event Net Operator
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Shelters
  • Staging areas
  • Anyplace a net control operator is needed in the field
Required Training:
Required Proficiency:
  • Demonstrated ability and/or experience as a net control. 
  • Working as net control of the Monday night ARES nets or other nets counts toward this requirement as well as net control for any exercises, special events or net control for other organizations.
Continued Eligibility:
  • Participate in Monday night nets at leaset twice a month*
  • Attend at least six (6) ARES meetings in a given year
  • Participate in atleast one activation within each one year period.  Activations may include: MAC exercises, public service events, ARES exercises, real emergency incidents, or other activations as approved by the Emergency Coordinator.
  • Additional experience as net control for deployments, including exercises and special events.

*For those with work commitments that prevent a person from participating regularly on Monday nights, this requirement may be waived by the EC on an individual basis.